About our cafe 











Originally working as a midwife and nurse

we have realized the importance of  "food"  which is the foundation of maintaining health.


The viewpoint of preventive medicine we are trying to serve food which good for both body and mind.  All our food and juice are all homemade.

It changes according to the season, in order to aid metabolism without cooling the body.

The shelter space also doubles as an art gallery.

We regularly rotate the exhibited works, and in doing so also the atmosphere of the space is varied.


We hope you can experience the space anew each time. We are open for artists or creators who wish to hold exhibitions.

Please feel free to ask us!

We believe that our space can facilitate your works being exposed to many visitors, both within and also from outside of the building.

Good nutrition and delicious meals can promote “happiness hormones”and help to achieve a feeling of contentment.

In a space with plenty of greenery, while either chatting with friends or relaxing alone, please eat good food and reward yourself with the time spent here!



We are refusing to use mobile / personal computer in the cafe. It is because we want to be released from work and everyday.

Please spend your time here only for yourself.